Goth Blog Topics: What Should I Talk About?

If I had a dollar for every time I saw this question I could readily afford stuff from Majesty Black, whose gloves make me swoon and I want to glue them to my hands. I swear I get so distracted…

Are you sick of the makeup tutorials, haul videos and baby bat, how-to content? ME. TOO. It’s a big complaint on both sides of the age spectrum. The reason you see a lot of those videos is because they’re easy to make. Tutorials and hauls have a built in script: “I’m going to talk about this stuff and I keep talking until I run out of stuff or steps”. Baby bat content (How to build a goth wardrobe, first time going to a goth club, etc) is a little different. There is a huge amount of content to draw from, it brings in a large demographic (13-21 years old), and it’s sort of become a goth blogger rite of passage. You’ve experienced enough to start talking about it to people coming up after you. Great. No, really it is. I swear I’m not being sarcastic.

Also with a lot of goth bloggers, there is an unspoken list of topics, but it’s baby bat content. Everyone at some point has done them. I think even I have done a few. There’s also the 666, if you just want a long ass general topic list.

The Downside? Because it’s young people making consumable content for other young people, it excludes anyone who is no longer a baby bat (new to goth culture, for the sake of this post). I hardly watch goth youtube videos anymore, because a lot of them follow the same generic template of mainstream blogs (generalized writing for a young audience, “hi, guys so today I’m going to do a video…” bitch, I know, that’s why I’m here and not on the moon.) If left to be the only type of content, it’s going to lead for a very shaky future of goth because no one will know what to do after Goth 101.

“I get it, I get it. So how do I figure out what to talk about?”

There are these things (although I’m not entirely sure this is the proper term for it) called static and dynamic posts. Static posts are posts like this one, can be written at any point in time, still be relevant years from now, and were drafted up ages ago. Dynamic posts are usually response pieces that aren’t normally drafted long in advance where it’s only as relevant as the original article is because time is a bitch (My response to Goth at 40 on Living the Strange Life is an albeit late, dynamic post).

Always have a list of static posts to draw from. As your YouTube channel grows and you build some kind of a following, you’ll find it useful to film some videos in advance in case you get sick or you feel lazy one day, whatever. It’s also good to be a little aware of timing so your post about “Deadly Beauty Hacks” doesn’t show up on the same day say I don’t know and god forbid, a supermodel dies. I don’t know if it’s a turn off for everyone, but it’s certainly a turn off for me to see those two things in my feed…but it’s your blog.

So static post list. 

Pick a general concept: music, literature, fashion, culture, lifestyle, a big old generic word that goth has a version of is usually a good place to start.

Now rip it apart. 

What are secondary associations with these concepts? Literature, for example. Reviews are a big one, libraries and bookstores another (you’ll see why in a minute), people make books (…I make books….), they inspire other stories and transcend mediums (books made into films…) and do you see where this is going? Even if it sounds stupid write it down please. It’s not like your signing this list in blood “I will write about everything on this page.” you’re just dreaming at this point. Have a cup of coffee, chill out, be a pretentious goth, have fun with it.

So you should have something that looks a little like this:

Literature>Reviews, Libraries, Bookstores, Etc

Go through and expand the categories further. I can get a little obsessive so I’m going to take a step back and just do one. If you’re creating a topic-focused blog (like DIYs) then you stick to that area. General blog? Go. Nuts. Dream up weird shit to give Atlas Obscura a run for their money (but who can compete with them?)

Example: Literature>Reviews> Edgar Allen Poe> The Significance of the Raven on Goth Culture

Literature> Libraries> Haunted Libraries of Spain, Lost Libraries of Russia, The Gothic Masterpiece Library of Germany

And at this point you should have something close to a general topic list. Glance at it, write about that thing, and boom you have a post.

Or if you’re really at a loss…

1)Look at other people’s blogs. If you can expand on it, and not just repeat everything they said, take a swing. Link them obviously!

2) Use one of those terrible post generators for inspiration. I hate list and how to topics so much.

3) Write the shit you want to write about. Talk about the things you wish people would talk about. This was the entire model for Living the Strange Life for a long time, and to be fair it still is.

The bounty of goth is you can be oddly specific as long you can write it with conviction. Always, always remember you are asking for people’s time, and if you respect that then you’re going to be okay. Some websites and creators are assholes, because they don’t add anything (nada, nothing, blah blahing) to any conversation or worse they just steal other people’s work.

Does this help you guys? Are there any questions?

Come get your life. Living the Strange Life. YouTube. Instagram. Facebook.

Stay ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels


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